A roman holiday


'A Roman Holiday', 2010, shows videostills from the numerous top models shows. Young women competing in these shows try to realize their dreams of becoming a top model. Often, these efforts end in a carefully directed 'elimination' where one of the girls is sent home. This almost always happens with a lot of tears and sadness. By using screenshots that are partially out of context, these, often narcissistic emotions, can be translated into a wider range outside of a television show and lines can be drawn with, for instance, the Columbine highschool massacre or any other human drama that was heavily covered by the media.

shown at Volta Basel 2010



Mont Purgatoire


Using the cliché character of sportsphotography in cycling, Mont Purgatoire focuses specifically on ordinary men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s cycling up the sheerest mountains.
Check and order the book like you would order a cold beer in the desert. Including texts by Hans Aarsman, Jeroen Wielaert, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Karl Vannieuwkerke, Wilfried de Jong and an Interview with Kenny van Hummel.

From the 5th of June 2010 to the 29th of august 2010 the Kunsthal Rotterdam will show this nice project. If you’re in town, take a look.





New Arrivals


What happens when you start your gap- year and everybody around you is planning trips around the world? Excactly, you might also feel the urge to leave everything you know behind and explore new territories...starting in south-east Asia. But once you're there everything isn't the way you imagined and you get the feeling you made a big mistake.

Bad food, fear of losing your wallet and homesickness.

Loosely based on the novel 'are you experienced?' by William Sutcliffe, the new arrivals were made in bangkok in 2009 and are all about backpacking.

Showed in Zurich (CH).





The LMIRL –let’s meet in real life- project consists of 2 series of each 21 photographs about online community and gaming.
Young people who play games like world of warcraft and counterstrike for hours and hours against each other. Their avatars range from brave knights to dangerous terrorists. The only thing that links these boys the their virtual world is their nickname.
Created in 2007 and 2008 in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and China.
Showed in Zurich(CH), New York (USA), Louisville (USA), Mexico city (MX), Rotterdam(NL) and Berlin(DE).




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is a creative collaboration between Ward van Gemert, Jordan Artisan and yours truly.

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Useful photography #8

In 2008 this wonderful book came out. Concept, collection and idea were mine. I edited together with Hans Aarsman.You can buy one HERE.